The Elephant Project

The Elephant Parade

London is currently host to Elephant Parade - the world’s biggest touring public elephant art exposition - that includes thirty, five-foot Elephant Parade sculptures exquisitely decorated by some of India’s best artists, designers and creative talents. In a bid to raise awareness for the need for elephant conservation, these sculptures have travelled to the UK from India.

'Infinity' by Gaurav Gupta embodies our signature sculptural technique. The inspiration behind the design for this magnificent elephant is simply a spirit of infinity and timelessness. The colour red not only celebrates the essence of India, but is also the colour of urgency – the urgency of the situation to save this spiritual animal

Sky the Elephant

The Elephant is the most magnificent, ancient, fantastical, loving creature. 
The Gaurav Gupta Elephant artwork is of a vintage appeal encrusted with innumerable pearls and hand painted with a pattern of fantasy. The sky blue base is enamelled with castles and birds. 

Highlighting the very urgent need for us to let this pivotal creature to be free of human torture. The Elephant Family which has the Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, as joint royal presidents is a dynamic NGO on a mission to protect the endangered Asian Elephant. The work with conservation partners and helps improve Elephant habitat and food availability and raises awareness on this alarming emergency.