spring / summer 2019

The (Un)folding’ brings together the delicacy of handwoven fabrics with the sharpness of Gaurav’s signature gravity-defying patternmaking.

The range includes many firsts for the label. Lucknawi Chikankari makes an appearance, draped into demi-couture dresses. As does a very particular tone of yellow that’s traditionally called ‘basanti’, literally the essence of sunlit Spring. Benaresi brocades are fashioned into deconstructed lehengas that are perfect for a modern bride on a destination wedding. Even his menswear features Chikankari and brocades in unexpected ways.

Through playful dresses, pantsuits, sari-gowns, and eveningwear, Gaurav Gupta showcases a vision of modern Indian design using the best of traditional zardoz work, Chikankari, and handwoven brocade textiles. To this, he adds handcrafted, 3D flowers in organza and soft georgette, and glams it up with a judicious smattering of crystals.