Runway Presentation
spring / summer 2019

What is the future of Indian clothes? How should our indigenous silhouettes evolve and adapt to encompass the style requirements of the new breed of global Indians who want to explore their sartorial roots but without the heaviness of occasion-led embellishments and opulent textiles?

To answer these questions, Gaurav Gupta meditated on the elements that are unique to Indian design: embellishments and textiles. And to that, he added his love of origami folding and fluid-structural construction.

The result is ‘The (Un)folding’, a collection that brings together the delicacy of handwoven fabrics with the sharpness of Gaurav’s signature gravity-defying patternmaking.

The SS 19 collection marks the very first time the design atelier has used traditional chikankari - an ultimate nod to Indian spring. He playfully sculpts the fabric in gravity defying shapes that are embellished with handmade organza flowers. Paper-light scaffold bodices take form of the wearer’s body, giving way to feverishly feminine plisse gowns in delicate hues of pastel. A bright summer yellow makes its debut, juxtaposed with lush brocade details.

The new demi couture line consists of pant suits, Saris, Sari gowns and dresses.